This loft style apartment in London was a wonderful collaboration between designer and client. The owner has a real interest in contemporary design and art and it was great fun to help create a really personal space that reflects his taste.

As the apartment was built within a concrete shell we could knock all the walls down and start again with a brand new layout.

The brief was in some respects like designing a gallery space but with a strong personality.

The artwork is displayed on a recessed track system that was installed all around the apartment walls, with pulleys and wires that can be moved laterally and vertically so that the art can be changed and relocated without restriction on its size or location.

We also installed a gallery style track lighting system  that allows the fittings to be moved along the track and more or less fittings sited in any zone. The lamps and shades can be adjusted for wider or narrower light beams depending on what size and style of  art they are lighting.

The colour choices were dramatic, yet in each room a bold feature wall had an adjacent calmer coloured wall which worked really well.

Adding some  really fun contemporary furniture and an incredible collection of art and sculpture resulted in a stunning and absolutely individual home.