Here’s looking to 2021. The interior design trends for 2021 revolve around zen-like relaxing spaces and natural, calm colours. However, there is no shortage of bold colours, references to distant cultures and luxurious materials. 

Yellow and Grey

“Illuminating Yellow” paired with “Ultimate Grey” are this year’s key colours. This combination, chosen by Pantone for 2021 is meant to represent strength and resilience with sunshine and brightness. Although grey can seem a little gloomy, paired with yellow it is meant to bring hope for the upcoming year.

There’s something really earthy yet positive about this combination.

Yellow represents joy, which we all need in life after our troublesome 2020. So, if you want to brighten up your home, your first option could be this. 

A new luxurious minimalism

Marylebone Penthouse bathroom with marble floors and full length mirrors

Less is more, this trend initiated in the 1960s, is coming back. Minimalism in interiors is based on a style that avoids excessive decoration; striving for a clear and orderly calm space and beautiful detailing without clutter.

When we don’t have so-called distractions, what really matters are details and the quality of materials. This is a distinctive feature of Luxe Minimalism: high-quality, luxury furniture and décor, that make a statement. This style of minimalism introduces natural materials like marble, wood and brass that create a sense of calm in our personal space. 

Home office / sanctuary

2020 can definitely be called a ‘working from home’ revolution. Those dreaming of losing their commute could finally enjoy a more relaxed style of working. But with the start of the home office period, the problem of space management emerged, as people realized they don’t have a place at home dedicated just for working. 

We have completed quite a few luxurious garden rooms this year that can act as a dedicated office space and also as extra accommodation for family and guests.

Exotic interiors

Another trend that is a consequence of our 2020 experiences is the longing for travel. Most travel plans got cancelled, some of us were scared of traveling. But the longing for faraway lands remains. As we long for some adventures, we will be seeing exotic and bold colour combinations in our interiors. 


Islington Town House living room and dining room

The combination of Japanese and Scandinavian style gives rise to Japandi: a harmonious blend of minimalism, simplicity and functional modern design. Japandi takes the best from both styles and combines them into a beautiful whole. Japandi uses objects with straight lines and a range of subdued colours. This makes interiors breathable and light, while calming and not overwhelming.

Bold and neutral combinations

While neutral colours are always a safe bet when it comes to interior design, one may easily get bored with them. Colour accents are a fantastic way of enhancing the decoration of a home; placed in an appropriate and thoughtful way they can turn a seemingly simple interior into a really unique space.

Personal Jungle

As 2020 made us stay indoors, people started turning their interiors into personal jungles, so as to feel more connected to nature. This year made us realise the importance of the outdoors and nature, which is crucial to our mental and physical health. 

Sustainable spaces

New design solutions are definitely changing the direction towards sustainability. This is one of the most important trends that will strongly draw the design path for years to come: the furnishings of our homes, materials and products are to be made in a spirit of ecology.

In 2021 products made of so-called bio-plastic – a biological plastic produced from plants and easily decomposable – will become popular. 

If you’d like to discuss using any of the interior design trends for 2021 mentioned here in your home please contact us.

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