Funky print fabric on an upholstered wardrobe door in a teenagers bedroom. Add sparkly dress and a ghost chair.

So here we are in a very strange place indeed. We are allowed in the parks and public spaces just once a day for a little air and exercise with only our family. We are being asked to stay in our homes which are generally a refuge from the busy world outside. Now they need to function as our entire mini world that can cater for all the families different schedules in harmony. Office, school, gym and chill out zone all under one roof. Perhaps a Home Detox is in order?

Here some ideas to make the home work a little better for you.

Office Tidy Up

Blue and white home office with bespoke joinery in this cool workspace.

Get the office tidy, it helps create a calm work environment and may need a little re-design so that it can work as a classroom also.

Open plan Teddington London kitchen with Mid Century classic Danish Rosewood furniture off set by sleek slate tiles giving the room a modern urban look.

Give it a daily schedule board so that there is a focus on every individual day and you decide on specific events for that day such as: A morning exercise class with you tube, a bit of work, family lunch, afternoon meditation on line, more work, prepare and cook dinner and choose a family movie for the evening or a board game.

Get Creative

Get the kids cooking, this is the perfect time to teach them Grannies old favourite recipes or a Jamie Oliver “bish, bash, bosh” one pot meal for the family.

No cleaner allowed in the house, this generation has not learned the fine art of applying a little elbow grease. Put it on the schedule board, cleaning rota divided fairly amongst all the family members.

It's spring time and seedlings need to be sewn around now.

It’s spring time and seedlings need to be sewn around now. Easter school break still exists and it’s the perfect time to get some vegetables propagating around the house ready to stick in the garden.

It’s exciting to have some new life growing and will be great to have your own fresh salad and veg at your fingertips over the coming months. You may need to improvise a little with old tubs and cling film if you don’t have the right propagating equipment and add some growbags to your online shop.


Bright and colourful bedroom, with Farrow and Ball paint in "Oval Room Blue" and chevron parquet flooring.
Tom & Jerry poster in a London kitchen designed by Interior Design firm Amok.

Maybe search out your inner designer. Take a look at Pinterest and get the family involved. They can all design a room. Perhaps you can all present your rooms to each other and discuss their merits and flaws.

Feel free to contact me if you need any tips.

Wardrobe Shake Up

Girl's bright coral closet wardrobe in a house in Fulham. Interior Design by Amok. Now is a great time to detox your wardrobe and give it a shake up!

Time for a wardrobe shake up, bring out the summer stuff and pack away winter. Sort your wardrobe out and you will undoubtedly discover some forgotten gems inside. The weather has been gorgeous over the last few days and looking to your spring / summer collection should really help to lift your mood.

London Interior Designer Tanya Hudson from Amok  in Fulham

We hope you like the new amok website, so please take a look as we are rather proud of it and very much open for business!

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Tanya Hudson

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